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Shuttle Service

Our Pick-up Service is Available for You

With our private shuttle service, we can pick you up at Rinas Airport and bring you back when your dental treatment is completed. We can take care of all the transportation you need for your stay. You will also be able to look at the map of the office and set a route to get there from anywhere you are. Our shuttle service gives you the opportunity to not worry about transport if you are coming from another city either in the United States, Canada or Europe. If you are driving or walking across the border to Albania you can make sure to follow these simple instructions to ensure a successful arrival to the clinic. As a reminder, you might want to call the office 5 minutes or so before you get to the pedestrian crossing border and let us know that you are getting closer. We want to makes this the most comfortable experience for you!

Our Best Driver For Your Dental Tourism Experience

We will take care of your providing you with a medical pass to avoid the hassles of long lines crossing back into your home. If for any reason you can’t find the car, please call us and we will help you locate our driver. Don’t forget! passport is required to avoid hard times when crossing, for any doubts please contact us.


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